What is SMILE®Pro?

SMILE® Pro is the newest and latest technology available in laser vision correction.

SMILE® Pro halves the laser treatment time, making it a faster procedure than ever before. Offering a quicker and more comfortable experience for patients.

How the SMILE® Pro procedure is performed

How the laser works on the eye surface

In SMILE® Pro, which is a keyhole procedure, a small piece of tissue (called a lenticule) is created inside the cornea with the laser, and removed through a small incision. This means many of the layers of the cornea are unaffected and allow fast healing. In addition, there are no flap-related issues to consider.

Prior to the treatment anesthetic eye drops are applied onto the eye and an eyelid holder is used to prevent you from blinking during the procedure.

Visual recovery in general is fast. Patients can normally return to work, shower, and drive within 24 hours after surgery. In most cases, sports can be resumed and make up can be applied after 3 days.


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