SMILE® Pro Laser

The new Visumax 800 Laser uses the latest in technology offering the SMILE procedure to be performed comfortably and faster than ever before.

In SMILE® Pro, which is a keyhole procedure, a small piece of tissue (called a lenticule) is created inside the cornea with the laser and removed through a small incision. This means many of the layers of the cornea are unaffected and allows fast healing. In addition, there are no flap-related complications.

Prior to the treatment anaesthetic eye drops are applied to the eye and an eyelid holder is used to prevent the eye from blinking during the procedure.

Visual recovery in general is fast. Patients can normally return to work, shower, or apply makeup shortly after surgery. Driving and sports activities are usually possible within 24-48 hours.



With its wide treatment range and visual recovery speed, LASIK is backed by proven technology and results.

With LASIK, a thin flap of corneal tissue is created in the outer layer of the cornea using a Femtosecond laser. This is folded back to expose the underlying corneal tissue, which is reshaped with an Excimer laser to correct the refractive error.


The Excimer laser is also used during PRK surgery.

PRK Laser - Parkview Day Surgery

Centurion Phaco Machine

The Centurion Phaco Machine is the latest in phaco technology. It used during cataract surgery to assist with the precise extraction of the cataract.